ATTN: For the next few days I am giving a discount on dealer rights, master dealer rights, and Dinar websites...

...I am looking for more people to teach this business to so I can have people who can help me exchange Dinar and make a great deal of money when the time comes.

I am feeling that the Dinar is getting more and more likely to become a much more valuable currency. With this comes the fact that many people with cash Dinar are going to want to have it exchanged when the time comes.

This creates a major problem in that I will not be able to handle the full load.

I am creating a discount on my dealer rights so I can get a base of people who can be the people I teach the exchange process and who I can get set up to be the people I use to fulfill this huge demand that will come.

I have several options and the people who are in the more expensive options will get more business and more help of course but if you are a person who can only afford $200 now, that will be worth far more in the future.

If at any time (after reading through the information) you have questions please email me at

Dinar Dealer Rights -- $270

This Week: $170

Dinar Dealer Rights will allow you to purchase paper Dinar at wholesale rates and also allow you to offer your customers the choice to invest in the Dinar through the Dinar Bank Account which will improve your profits and give your customers a better rate.

To learn more about the Dinar Dealer Rights and the Master Dealer Rights, Click Here to open a new window.

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Purchase Dealer Rights - $170


Master Dealer Rights -- $470

This Week: $370

The Master Dealer Rights will give you what you get with the Dinar Dealer Rights but also allow you to earn $270 whenever someone orders dealer rights from you.

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Purchase Master Dealer Rights - $370


Platinum Dealer Rights (I will creat your own Dinar Website so you can be one of my major Dinar partner) -- $770

This Week: $570

For those of you who want to have a professionally designed Dinar site, wholesale Dinar and the ability to sell Dealer Rights (for $270 profit for you), Master Dealer Rights (for $470 profit for you), and Platinum Dealer Rights (for $500 profit for you) then you'll want to take advantage of this offer.

For complete information on the Platinum Dealer Rights option, Click Here.

Purchase Master Dealer Rights - $570

Dinar Fund Manager -- $1770

This Week: $1000


The option that gives you the exact same capability as my own business is the Dinar Fund Manager position. This is for those of you who want to earn the very maximum amount of money in the business (the sort of money you see in the examples above).

You'll get all the benefits of the Dinar Dealer, Master Dealer, and Platinum Dealer options in addition to being a Fund Manager of the new Dinar Bank Account Fund which will give you access to Dinar at the current Central Bank of Iraq prices as well as earning you 10% on the value of the money you've sold once the Dinar goes up.

For complete information on the Dinar Fund Manager option, Click Here.

Purchase Master Dealer Rights - $1000