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About Me

From: Marshall Wayne

One main thing that I have learned from being one of the top Dinar dealers in the United States is that the Dinar business is an unusual business and people aren’t initially comfortable ordering from someone they don’t know.

There are many difficulties in being an international currency dealer. Among them being the setting up international bank accounts, setting up international contacts in war torn areas, transporting currency safely and securely, and working with government agencies to ensure everything is done within the current laws.

I have designed my site around letting my potential customers know who I am so they can better judge whether they would like to order from me.

I know many of the other top dealers and the one downfall that I see is they do not make themselves available or known to their customers. They hide behind their websites.

That is fine but isn’t the approach that i wanted to take. I have made my site to be friendly for my potential customers. I want you to be able to contact me anytime you have questions.

I am originally from a small town in Wisconsin — Chetek. I now spend my time between northern Wisconsin and the east coast where I spend time in Boston parts of the year as well as the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washtington D.C.

I am registered with The U.S. Treasury.

In the Dinar business the main qualification is to make sure your dealer is registered with the U.S. Treasury as a Money Services Business. If you’d like to see the registration, just Click Here to go to The Treasury’s Money Services Business registration list. Select Wisconsin and you’ll see my registration under my business name, Marshall Wayne Holdings.

Let’s move onto my personal story:

(If you want even more information you can go to the page that I had made for those who became my mini-partners or dealers)

Click Here for that page.

In March 2004 (just after I sold my previous business to jump into a bigger business) I was reading an article in The Wall Street Journal about an Ex-Navy SEAL who was in the business of selling the new Iraq currency as an investment.

The Wall Street Journal article told how investors all over the world started to buy up the new currency. Since the currency is at an all time low and will be for a year or two, they are able to buy up a good-sized investment.

After reading that article my first thought was that I wanted to buy some for myself as an investment. I purchased $500 worth from a guy for around $1000 a million which got me about 1/2 million Dinar — at the time this was all I could reasonably afford to risk.

After I had made that first purchased I realized that being an internet entrepreneur, if I could find a good source in the Middle East to get the money from, I would easily be able to put up a website and start selling Dinar myself.

Not only that but I realized that I couldn’t invest a large amount myself since I couldn’t afford it but if I were to start selling it I would be able to build up to always have a stockpile of maybe 30-40 million Dinar on hand.

If the value of the Dinar went up to 10 cents on the dollar with me holding that much in inventory, I would have a stockpile of Dinar worth 3-4 million U.S. Dollars.

Read that again.

By selling the Dinar myself I have to have an inventory on hand. This means that l will always have a stockpile of 30-40 million Dinar on hand.

If (or when) the Dinar goes up in value, I would be sitting on a gold-mine.

If it went to 10 cents on the dollar and I was holding 30-40 million Dinar, it would be worth 3-4 million U.S Dollars.

At that point I would cash the Dinar in for that amount in U.S. Dollars.

That is how I got started. It wasn’t easy getting everything set up, but when I finally figured it all out, it made me a heck of a business.

I had $2000 that I was willing to risk on building the business so I took that money and began.

After I had my supplier I was in business. The website that I set up to sell Dinar is http://InvestInDinar.Com. Instantly using my internet marketing knowledge I began pulling in money.

Soon I was bringing in sales of $3000 to $5000 per day with some days as high as $40,000 in sales. Over the course of the next year I had profited nearly $180,000.

As my knowleage and expertise grew, that figure grew as well.

I also ended up being interviewed by The USA Today, called by CNN, interviewed by Wired Magazine, and countless other newspapers across the country.

The USA Today article can be seen at:

That article appeared on the FRONT PAGE of USA Today’s Money Section. I was very proud of that since at the time I was only 26 so gave me the confidence of being well on my way.

In the Wired Magazine article it detailed the Ex-Navy SEAL and myself in the article. I had really come a long way in a short period of time.

The Wired Magazine article can be seen at:

Selling Dinar has made so much money (and continues to) for everyone that is knowleagable in this area. There are still VERY FEW people in the world who are set-up to sell this currency to the public. Without the proper contacts and knowleage it is very hard to know what to do to get yourself into it.

This area of business is only known to a select group of people.

I know that many of you are interested in becoming a Dinar dealer yourself in order to fund your own Dinar investments and to earn extra money. For those of you I have included a little sample of what is possible:

Click Here for a 25-Day stretch just from wire transfers and money orders:

The total sales for the 25 days from August 6th to August 31st is $99,127.19.

That is $99,127.19 for just 25 days of sales.

At that time my profit was right around 30%. This means my profit for that 25 days was approximately $30,000.

$30,000 Profit In 25 Days.

My biggest day of sales was just over $40,000. In that day I earned around $8000 profit.

The Dinar business can be very lucrative. I used to help people get started in the Dinar business but I have almost stopped doing so. If you are still interested I will get you started but it will cost you several thousand dollars depending on the level you want to get involved at.

Email me at marshallwayne@mac.com if you are interested.

Marshall Wayne