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Dinar Pricing

Quantity Of Dinar Price
25,000 Dinar $50
100,000 Dinar $150
250,000 Dinar $300
500,000 Dinar $500
1-3 Million Dinar $1070
4-5 Million Dinar $1050 Per Million
6-10 Million Dinar $1010 Per Million
11-20 Million Dinar $990 Per Million

You have 3 payment options:

Wire Transfer, Money Order, Western Union

Email me at marshallwayne@mac.com, let me know the payment method you’d like to use, and I’ll give you the payment instructions.

If you need to contact me . . .

My email address is:  marshallwayne@mac.com

Or you may contact me on Facebook here:


Marshall Donnerbauer